With experience across a range of industries, MDB will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to address business challenges. The end result is a comprehensive business solution encompassing the best technical innovations. Backed by Microsoft, MDB can offer the latest solutions in technology tailored to your business.

Business acumen

Helping organisations reach their business objectives is our main goal. Business consulting combined with the relevant software solution helps achieve key milestones, driven by the business plan. A technical team which understands the higher level needs of the business increases the chance a successful project and a higher ROI.


Our business ethos is based on flexibility, responsiveness and value. We encompass business consultancy as part of our development process. We personally commit to deadlines, work longer when required, while offering a friendly, approachable service. Clients communicate directly to the production team, no need for lengthy communication trails or time-consuming bureaucracy.


Technology can be daunting and difficult to understand, but when it affects your budget you need to know how much IT is costing you and the value of its return. MDB won’t make it difficult for you – we can explain the technical solutions in an understandable language and can help match software to ROI, working in an approachable, friendly manner. MDB creates long-term relationships with clients, so it is in our interest to do you good.


The quality of MDB’s software lies in using Microsoft’s tried and tested development methodology and codes of practice. Quality is at the core of our business, driving the development for each solution and code of conduct.

Using Microsoft’s methodology, our processes have been thoroughly tested, yet allow room for change and offer flexibility. Using a systematic approach ensures a robust software solution with flexible options. Using existing code libraries offers numerous advantages to our clients such as more complete testing, improved reliability and increased speed of production.

Technology partner

Finding new revenue streams and methods to save money is imperative to remain competitive. Equally important is finding trustworthy business partners to help you achieve your objectives in the most cost and time effective way. As a technology partner, MDB will gain a full understanding of your business, your objectives and your industry resulting in a well researched solution to move your business forward.

MDB approaches projects by conducting a full business analysis, to ensure the software created matches the needs and direction of the business.

Project Processes

MDB employs the best project management techniques and processes to provide clients with flexibility and reliability within their project. The "Scrum" methodology focuses on communication and collaboration within projects. It uses real-world progress of a project to plan and schedule releases.

In Scrum, projects are divided into concise work modules, known as sprints, which may last from one to several weeks. Regular assessments with team members and clients are conducted at the end of each sprint, allowing re-evaluation, adjustments and change of direction if required. Steps for the next sprint are discussed and based on the work already completed, rather than on predictions.

The team adheres to definitive roles and responsibilities, ensuring accountability and clarity. This combination of continuous assessment and clearly defined roles allows a stable yet extremely flexible approach to project management.

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