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Client Overview

Catermasters are a contract catering company who provide high quality restaurant and catering services to businesses across the UK, such employee restaurants, cafe's, delis, fine dining and hospitality.


Site managers in each restaurant submit weekly purchasing information to head office via email on a spreadsheet. This information was spread across thousands of spreadsheets with no central point of reference.

Catermasters required this information to be pulled into one central database, replacing all individual spreadsheets and enabling head office to view comparable data in real time in one place.

They also required reporting and measuring tools for each site's data so key objectives could be monitored and reported upon.


Each week site managers would input all purchase and stock information into a spreadsheet and email to head office. 

This posed a number of issues:

1. Data could not be reported upon as it came from 1000’s of separate spreadsheets
2. There was no central database from which to draw information
3. Risk of human error due to the large amount of manual input 
4. The quantity of emails being sent hindered the mail system
5. Management reporting was extremely difficult
6. Data validation was impossible
7. Data discrepancies occured
8. No visual representation of financial information
9. Not scalable for new sites


MDB first conducted a full business analysis to ensure the software would match the needs and direction of the business.

This consultation helped MDB diagnose current issues and ascertain the future vision of the company. It allowed MDB to gain a complete understanding of the business and its processes.

MDB created a web portal on which managers could:

  • Input purchase information
  • Manage stock
  • View financial performance charts
  • Communicate with head office
  • Submit financial data to head office
  • Compare budgeted figures with actual
  • Submit financial and management data into one central location

MDB worked closely and incrementally with Catermasters to combine client input with MDB's technical developments to ensure the correct solution was created.

As with all systems MDB work alongside clients to continuously develop the application as business needs change and technology advances.

MDB back up and host the system, they manage the application including technical support.


The web portal freed up time for management, it allowed the business to become more streamlined in its data capture and analysis and allowed the sites to become more scalable. 

The main benefits included:

  • More streamlined business and processes
  • Ability to expand at a faster pace
  • More efficient and less time consuming staff training
  • Managers can view their own site's performance
  • New Unique Selling Point created
  • Fully managed electronic data with automated processes, helping to reduce human error
  • Vastly improved data validation
  • Graphical representations of financial data e.g. employment costs, stock levels, actual sales vs targets
  • In under 6 months an entire management system was developed including the initial consultation and diagnostics

Microsoft Server Technology on a .NET platform.


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