What is Systems Integration?

Systems integration describes the linking together of independent systems (subsystems) so they appear to the user to operate as a single entity.

Systems Integration

As well as IT systems such as databases and applications, Systems Integration deals with business processes, legacy tape and paper-based data storage.

The positive results of good systems integration can be gained at all levels; from a simple two database scenario to a complex, enterprise level integration across many subsystems and processes.

How can it help my business?

Many businesses have data and information stored across a number of new and old applications as well as in inaccessible places such as users desktop PCs or even buried in filing cabinets on paper.

Using the proven methods of system integration the power of the data in these subsystems can be unlocked and centralised - providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all data.

Systems integration isn’t just limited to your businesses internal systems. Using system independent technologies and the latest advancements in networking and internet technologies, your systems can directly and securely integrate with your customers and suppliers systems. This can not only save time, but also ensure data accuracy and provide instant piece of mind that the data has been successfully delivered.

Integrating existing systems and consolidating data and business processes is a great way to get the best from your existing IT and business infrastructure.

Greater than the sum of its parts?

Having taken steps to integrate their systems, customers frequently comment on how the small, disparate pieces of information they once relied upon have turned into useful, detailed information that they never thought possible.

This value-adding side effect of a good system integration implementation is only possible because of the interactions between subsystems.

The analysis of the business processes associated with a systems integration implementation has many positive effects on the business;

  • People working more efficiently 
  • More efficient access to more data
  • Increased data accuracy

How can MDB help?

MDB has a wealth of experience across the many disciplines involved in systems integration. MDB can offer solutions at many different levels from simple process consultancy to full scale enterprise integrations.

MDB has successfully integrated cross-platform systems for a number of large businesses helping to not only improve the quality and breadth of their data, but also contribute directly to additional business and growth.

MDB can also offer bespoke applications and middleware customisation to further enhance the benefits of systems integration to provide even better and more focussed access to the integrated data.


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